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‚ÄúThang-Ta is an indigenous martial art of Manipur, a small state in the north-eastern part of India. it is also traditionally known as Huyel Langlon, Huyel means war Langlon means Knowledge of Art. it imparts physical, moral and spiritual education besides giving bodily exercise and training in the form of martial arts that aims at implanting habits which will be beneficial through life and useful both individual as well as the nation. Thang-Ta covers the integral part of Thang (sword), Ta (spear), Sharit-Sharak (defensive and Offensive techniques of fighting with or without weapons), Sajan Kanglon (physical exercise), Thengouron (spiritual arts), Ningsha kanglon (breathing exercise), layeng kanglon (natural medical education), Hirikonba (meditation), and other vital arts of warfare. it was a compulsory subject in the military training while Manipur was a princely state. Thang-Ta competition and games were conducted before the king of Manipur. in short, each and every Manipuri had to learn Thang-Ta. Now, the Thang-Ta martial art has become so popular that it has been played not only in India but in many countries also.     Read more

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We always believe in Imparting Quality Education to our Students and train them to unlock the Digital Doors of thier Future.

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    Quality Training.
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    Practical Skills
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    World Championships
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    National Championships.
  • 85%
    State Championships.
  • 80%
    Behavioural Growth.
  • 75%
    Sports Spirit.

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Grand Master Mr. H.Prem Kumar Singh

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Syed Nissar GeelaniPresident J&K Thang-Ta Association

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Ayjaz Ahmad Bhat General Secretary J&K Thang-Ta Association. Bohri kadal Near Bazaar Masjid Hanfia

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Madam Tabasum Treasure J&K Thang-Ta Association

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